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Type of Business : Manufacturer and Exporter.
Legal Status : Private Limited Company.
Year of Establishment : 2006.
Production Capacity : Garments 84,000 Pcs Per Month.
Total Manpower : 500 Nos.
Management Personnel : 12 Nos.
Product : Woven, readymade garments
Lead Time : 8-12 weeks
Major Buyers : WAL-MART, GEORGE, TK. INTL.
Strength :
Qualified Merchandisers and executives are offering their utmost effort for smooth and quality production. The office is well equipped with computer & other electronic media.

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This factory has its own production capacity 85000 pcs per month, but along with other reputed similar type of factory it can meet any possible demand from our buyer(s) and thus creating a high degree of credibility to the company, in International market.


•  Dust free 2nd floor of the 4th storied building
•  Controlled by Experts hands with long experience in the field.
•  Friendly & healthy environment for the worker.
•  Separate dinning space
•  Full compliance floor to increase workers safety and efficiency

Machinery Directory


Sl No Machine Brand Type of Machine



1 Juki Brand Single Needle Sewing Machine 164
2 Juki Brand 2 Needle (lock stitch) Sewing Machine 11
3 Juki Brand 2 Needle (chain stitch) Sewing Machine 4
4 Juki Brand Feed of the Arm Machine 5
5 Juki Brand Kansai special Machine 5
6 Juki Brand Over lock Machine 22
7 Juki Brand Feed lock Machine 2
8 Juki Brand Bar Tack Machine 4
9 Juki Brand Button hole Machine 3
10 Juki Brand Button stitch Machine 3
11 KM- 10 Brand Cutting Machine 1
12 KM- 8 Brand Cutting Machine 1
13 Hashima Brand Fusing Machine 1
14 TSSM Brand Snap button Machine 6
15 Juki Brand Eyelet hole Machine 1

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance covers all activities from design, development, production, inspection and documentation, this introduced the rule "Fit for Purpose" and "Do it right first time, every time". We do have long expertise that put their every effort to maintain the quality of products and components; service related to production; and management, production, and inspection process, which means "Quality Awareness" throughout the entire process of production.


Social Accountability

At Peoples Fashion Limited, our people are our greatest asset, and we treat them that way. Employees enjoy a friendly, casual atmosphere, while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism. The company offers a challenging, rewarding work environment with an emphasis on positive attitudes, listening and teamwork.

Based on the UN universal declaration of human rights, agreement on children's rights and the basic rights and the basic rights of workers by ILO we are maintaining accountability in the following areas:

•  Child Labour
•  Forced Labour
•  Workplace safety and health
•  Discrimination
•  Workplace discipline
•  Working hours
•  Wages
•  Factory management

We are also ensuring the following facilities to our employees:


•  Pure Drinking water supply and Dining facilities
•  Adequate Sanitation and Ventilation system
•  Regular training on safety aspects of machineries handling, fire and emergency evacuation etc.
•  Training and Education on potential Health hazardous and Harmful substances


The CEO and other Administration heads of the company are very qualified and got good sense of business which helps the company to create a competitive business environment and co-ordination of the employees. And qualified executives are offering their utmost effort for smooth and quality works. The office is well equipped with computer & other electronic devices.



The company is dedicated to render services to its Valued Customers, attend to their problems and take immediate remedial measures for timely solution. We sincerely believe and trust that our valued customers have reposed confidence on us for reliability, virtue and competence in the field of production and management.