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Peoples Incorporation is taking another step to the sea world by adding container vessel to their list of business. In Bangladesh the prospect of container carrying is very high. For this project company is buying a 140 TEUS (highest full load draft 4 meter) container vessel. Peoples Inc. intends to continue to capitalize on investment opportunities by purchasing additional containerships in the secondhand market, from other companies, shipyards and lending institutions, and may also enter into new building contracts with shipyards for new containerships.
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The constant drive to develop the most modern and advanced system for treatment & recycling of industrial waste water as a result can make considerable contribution towards resolving both existing and future waste water disposal problems not only by treatment of waste waters but also making it reusable for industrial purpose.
•  Pretreatment for solid and inorganic removal
•  Chemicals treatment for silica and heavy metals
•  Oil water separation & anaerobic treatment
•  Aerobic bio-treatment with surface and diffused aeration system
•  Sludge dewatering system.