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With several railway projects under various stages of construction in Bangladesh, Peoples Inc. is working with International Companies to help the Govt. fulfill their goal. At present Peoples Inc. is involved with Kalindee Rail Nirman(Engineers) Limited of India regarding railway rehabilitation projects of Bangladesh Govt.. They are working together in the ongoing Laksham-Chandpur project which isdismanting of old track and complete track renewal of railway line with 75 'A' new rails including welding of rail, laying of new pre-stressed concrete sleepers(anti-vandal type) with anti-vandal elastic rail clip laying of wooden sleepers as required with necessary fittings, replacement of points & crossings and trap points with the new ones, replacement of bridge timbers, supply of ballast including packing etc, on turn key basis including supply of all materials, manpower, equipments/machineries, tools & plants and transportation as per specification.
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At present Peoples Incorporation is showing its interest on sea water business as a result of their demand to develop new business skills. Peoples Incorporation got license for fish trawling to catch fish from deep sea within the water territory of Bangladesh .Peoples Incorporation has already started working on the project and looking forward to supervise it successfully. The Trawler will be operating within the economic territorial area (200 Nautical miles) of Bangladesh from the shore and in the main identifiable fishing areas in the Bay of Bengal. The main species caught are Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Indian Salmon, Red Jew, Bambayduck, Sea Kai, Hilsha, Cattle, Cat Big, Chinese Prompt, White Prompt, Ribban, White Datina, Red Datina, Big Eye, Red Snaperm Shark, Aila, Camila, Lacca Etc. The market of the project is the international sea fish buyers. The white fish of Bangladesh has a high market mainly in China, Taiwan & South East Asia.
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Peoples Inc. is involving itself with the Oil carrying business to help the Bangladesh Govt. developing its various projects. Peoples Inc. is planning to serve the storage and marine transportation needs of our customers through our port terminal, river barge and coastal cabotage operations. We are focused on providing our customers integrated transportation, storage and related services through our port facilities, our large, versatile fleet of dry and liquid cargo barges and our product tankers to serve the needs of a number of rapidly growing local industries, including mineral and grain commodity providers as well as users of refined petroleum products. We have a long history of operating in the local region, being founded in 1984 by one of our predecessor companies which operated in the region, and have been able to generate and maintain longstanding relationships with our customers. Our diverse customer base includes global petroleum, agricultural and mining companies.